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Digital Billboards

Out of Home advertising has always being strong and digital billboard is a new format of the out of home advertising. The digital format can play static image or video file, it has advantage of low cost and enhances the connection with the audiences.

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  • Digital Panels



Advertising on bus is available in many different formats, buses are like moving billboards going into many suburbs where there is no other advertising message, your message will reach to suburban area. The audience are highly receptive, in action mode, and are openly responsive to advertising messages. The return on the investment is enormous.


Train Stations

Ever got bored while waiting in the train station for the train to come? Research shows 11.2 million people commute by train in NSW, VIC & WA each week, and 69% of commuters claim they pay more attention to the advertising in the train station than anywhere else. Now the train station got even better, the new digital panels provides video advertising options with sound, it will attract more audiences than ever for your campaign.

Billboards Across Australia

Today, Australians spend more time on travel, that is when road side billboards blend in with your next marketing campaign. More than 90% of Australian will see a billboard advertising at least once a week. It is a great investment to build brand reputation or kick start a campaign.

  • Retail

    Retail advertising is the quickest way to see the result from the potential clients. It is the best for businesses located in a shopping centre environment and for product advertising. It’s can bring result instantaneously.

  • TV

    TV advertising is still one of the strongest connection to your audiences, free to air TV reaches up to 99% of Australian families. “As seen on TV” will strengthens the performance on any other medium.

  • Cinema

    Large screen, supreme sound qualities creates the extraordinary experience in cinemas, that’s why advertising in cinemas is 6x powerful than any other medium and 156% more top of mind advertising awareness. Point Media offers many options for cinema advertising, e.g. targeting by location, by film, by age group etc. This will create ultimate return on your investment.

  • Digital

    Modern technologies have evolved advertising, it has formed a new format of advertising – digital advertising. Digital advertising has many formats for advertising e.g. email marketing, search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), campaign marketing, e-commerce marketing, social media marketing and mobile advertising etc.