How we work

Let Us Make Your Point

As a full-serviced marketing agency, Point Media is dedicated to help businesses in any nature with a total marketing solution.

From marketing strategy to media planning and buying, from event planning to digital media and public relations, Point Media will bring every aspect of the process to life all under one roof so that each client will benefit from our integrated approach.

How we work

  • Evaluate campaign

    Discuss budget

    Discuss demographic

    Set the campaign goal

  • Gather information about the business

    Conclude market position

    Compare the strategy with the competitors

  • Execute marketing plan

    Implement campaign

    Keep campaign on track

    Project Implemention
  • Review the campaign

    Discuss received feedback

    Attempt go beyond the expected results

    Ongoing Meetings
  • Conduct market research

    Identify awareness levels

    Evaluate results

    Compare initial goal

    Campaign Result Analysis & Report

How we work

1. Pre-Meeting

During this meeting, Point Media will meet with the client to get the brief for the campaign, we need to have understanding of the aimed result, time, programs involved and budget for the campaign. It is important for us obtain all the information we needed to achieve the best return on the investment for the campaign.

2. Post -Meeting

Once we get the brief, our internal meeting is held between all members will be involved in the campaign. During this meeting, we will discuss about the available sites and our direction of getting the campaign on target and go beyond the target.

3. Presentation

Our campaign manager will in contact with the client to present the campaign detail. In the presentation, each format will be carefully explained. We don’t just tell the clients the traffic, but we will work in detail to show the numbers before the client make any decisions.

4. Project Implementation

Implementation is the process ensures the success of an organization’s marketing strategy and involves every member within Point Media, it involves design the campaign, execution and scheduling into development. Specific task and timeline will be given to every individuals in the team to execute the marketing program to ensure the expected project outcome can be achieved.

5. Ongoing Meetings

Our work don’t stop once the campaign is posted, we have to monitor the campaign detail and those details will be reported to the client at the end of the campaign. The data will be analysed to help us to achieve higher success in the future campaign, we will never stop our progressive way to the higher success.

6. Campaign Result Analysis and Report

We will identify the awareness level at the completion of each campaign, all data will be report to the client. This will also help Point Media to improve in the future to generate higher succeed. There is no stop sign on our improvement journey.